New Voices emphasizes academic proficiency and engages all students in a rigorous curriculum aligned with the Common Core Standards. Collaborative team teaching in each core academic class ensures that students, regardless of academic needs and levels, are supported throughout their educational journey.


Students are expected to do homework assignments, which not only reinforce important skills, but also count toward grades, along with class participation and test scores.


You can track your child's academic progress through Engrade, and also reach out to teachers through this online service if your child could benefit from extra help.


Special Services


Our support services to students who require Resource, ESL and other services are programmed by the push-in model. Collaborative planning for the push-in model has been supported in the schedule to allow for teachers to coordinate with each another. Pull-out services are offered to students on a very limited basis.


As such, we will continue to provide after school services to students in need of intervention and enrichment, thus providing increased opportunities for small group work with their students. Each humanities and math teacher has an opportunity to meet with his/ her own students for intervention beyond the scheduled school day.


Honor Roll Criteria



  • Over 90% average

  • All grades 80 or above

  • Satisfactory conduct

  • Late less than seven times


  • Over 85% average

  • All grades 80 or above

  • Satisfactory conduct

  • Late less than seven times

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