Launched in 2000, the comprehensive dance program grounds students in a range of dance techniques and genres, with opportunities to perform and create original dance works.


In the 6th-grade Introduction to Dance class, about 180 students are immersed in dance basics that encourage students to build self-esteem, self-expression, and cooperative learning skills. Students delve into kinesthetic study units centered on the elements of dance. Each sixth grade class is guided through a creative process leading to a collaborative creation and performance of an original dance for the school’s annual June sixth-grade dance concert. Sixth graders who demonstrate a strong interest in and kinesthetic aptitude for dance are recommended for the dance major program.

In the 7th grade, the Dance Major Program begins. Students study and perform a variety of dance forms–jazz, contemporary, and classical–and explore dances of world cultures. Coupled with intensive dance instruction is the study of dance history and evolution, and of famous past and modern-day choreographers. All of this contributes to students’ grasp of technical and compositional dance principles; and provides them with the knowledge and approaches toward choreographing, directing, producing, and performing an original dance piece. It is also at the start of this advanced dance journey when students delve into dance class etiquette, establish personal dance goals, and develop strong dance-related practice and performance ethics, critical to the successful pursuit of and participation in professional dance.

Eighth grade dance majors expand dance knowledge and skills acquired in 7th grade through intensified study, practice, and performance expectations.


Dance majors perform two annual evening concerts and accompany the chorus during the school’s annual musical production. Students also perform in the annual school musical.

PS Dance

New Voices' dance program is one of five NYC dance education programs featured in the PBS Special PS Dance, underscoring the power of dance in our schools. Click on the image below to watch this poignant film...and to see Mr. Kerr and students in dancing action in the program that originally aired on Channel Thirteen on May 15th, 2015.

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