New programs? Books for classroom libraries? Technology upgrades? Dance costumes? ALEKS, the online math program? These are the types of things that fundraising can bring to the school.


All families can be a part of that effort!


Learn how to support New Voices as it builds our children's educational and arts experiences and opportunities.


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Employer Contributions


You might work for a company that could contribute to New Voices. Here are some ways this can happen:


Volunteer Matching: Your employer might donate funds for hours you contribute to the school. If that type of giving exists at your workplace, consider volunteering at the school to bring in the dollars you deserve!


Giving Program: Your company might have a small grant program that only its employees can apply to on behalf of a cause. In this case, the cause is New Voices. See if your company has this giving option!


Philanthropic Programs: Your company may have a corporate foundation that might be interested in some of the school's offerings. And, because you work there, you might be able to introduce those programs to the foundation leaders. Do some research to find out what your company offers by way of philanthropic dollars.


Special Events: Some companies are happy to sponsor school events, like a performance. They might even donate a physical item. Ask around!




The Parent Association Grantwriting Committee actively raises much-needed program funds and donations of items through grants from foundations, corporations, and other philanthropic and giving programs.


The PA Grantwriting Committee needs grant writers.




Great skill, great effort...excellent results.


See the list below to learn more about the organizations that have provided monetary and material grants.



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