Language Other Than English

Eighth graders have four periods a week of French.

Primary Course Goals: 

  • Communicate in French

Students function in a variety of real world settings using interpretive, interpersonal and presentational communicative modes as well as strong knowledge of Francophone cultures.​

  • Understand Francophone cultures

Students demonstrate an understanding of traditions, customs, beliefs, and cultural contributions and how these elements relate to language.​

  • Connect with other disciplines and acquire information

Students connect information about the French language and Francophone cultures they are learning with concepts studied in other subject areas.​

  • Develop insight into our own language and cultures

Through study of the French language and Francophone cultures, students recognize, compare, and contrast language concepts as well as cultural perspectives, practices, and products.

  • Participate in the global community

Students use the French language to communicate with speakers of that language, both at home and around the world, to improve their own communication skills and to enhance their view of themselves as citizens of the world.​

✦  Unité 1: Bienvenue à la classe de français

​➢  Essential Question:  In what ways is learning another language beneficial?

✦  Unité 2:  Halloween, La Toussaint & La fête des morts

➢  Essential Question:  How are symbols used in celebrations and holidays?

✦  Unité 3:  Ce que j'aime et ce que je n'aime pas

➢  Essential Question:  What do activities and pastimes reveal about a culture?

✦  Unité 4:  Noël

➢  Essential Question:  What holiday traditions exist in Francophone countries?

✦  Unité 5:  La famille

➢  Essential Question:  What are families like in Francophone countries?


✦  Unité 6:  Bon appétit!

➢  Essential Question:  What are meals like in Francophone countries?

  Unité 7:  La maison

➢  Essential Question:  What makes a house or apartment a "home"?

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