Mr. Giordano firmly believes that each child has the potential to meet high standards. Thus, New Voices works to nurture and develop the intellectual potential, as well as the creative potential of each student.


Mr. Giordano draws on the diversity of the school community to provide a an academically rigorous, developmentally appropriate, standards-based instruction through integrated teaching practices that are experiential, child centered, and project based. The comprehensive arts program furthers students' development, nurturing their growth as intelligent, self-disciplined, and well-rounded human beings.


The school's goals for all students center on high standards, personal expectations, exacting discipline, and creative risk taking. Mr. Giordano recognizes these elements as the core of successful learning and life experiences. With the support of strong parent involvement and community partnerships, New Voices' environment nurtures the soul artistically and academically.




Ms. Lopez has been at New Voices since its 1998 inception. She oversees the Humanities Program, which includes English Language Arts (ELA) instruction and Social Studies instruction. Before becoming assistant principal, Ms. Lopez was, at various times, a 7th and 8th grade humanites teacher, a reading intervention specialist, and a literacy coach.


As an instructional leader, Ms. Lopez works collaboratively with humanities teachers to develop and refine Common Core-aligned units of study in ELA/Social Studies. She supervises the school's Literacy Program  and provides professional development that promotes effective research-based instructional practices.



Ms. Cianciotta began at New Voices in 2003 as a mathematics coach and became the assistant principal in 2005. She is the math specialist who oversees the development and implementation of the school’s comprehensive, standards-aligned mathematics curriculum.


As an instructional leader, Ms. Cianciotta partners with mathematics teachers for professional development and analysis of students’ progress. She introduces strategies and technology, such as ALEKS (a web-based mathematics program), to support students’ mathematical abilities.


Ms. Cianciotta helps teachers to make mathematics less isolating for students, and can often be found assisting individual students who have reached out for her guidance. She is certified in elementary education, K-12 mathematics education, and administration/supervision.



At New Voices, we are lucky: We have the parent coordinator that tops most, Enid Parra. Need information about anything school related? Ms. Parra is the person to contact. She represents all that the ideal DOE Parent Coordinator does, including:


  • Creating a welcoming environment for parents

  • Identifying parent and related school/community issues and works with the principal to see they are addressed in a timely fashion

  • Increasing parent involvement in the school

  • Serving as facilitator for parent/school community concerns and

  • Conducting outreach to engage parents in their children’s education

  • Attending parent meetings

  • Working with the school parent association, where needed

  • Organizing school events to increase parental involvement

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