School Leadership Team

The SLT is the primary school-based vehicle for parents to work with teachers and the principal to establish school priorities, ensure that the budget is aligned with those priorities, and evaluate school progress.


Five to six elected parent members, and an equal number of teachers, make up the SLT. Through active participation on the SLT, members have the opportunity to directly influence how the school operates. The principal, a PA co-president and the UFT chapter leader, or their designees, are the core SLT members. These meetings are currently scheduled for after school at 5 P.M. on every fourth Wednesday of the month.  Please check the calendar for the latest update.


2017-2018  New Voices SLT Members



Frank Giordano, Principal

Laurie Cianciotta, Assistant Principal

Angela Lopez, Assistant Principal

Catherine Tappitake, UFT Rep

Enid Parra, Parent Coordinator



Cheryll Hunt-Williams, Parent Association Co-President

Dayan Ingui, Parent Member

Alexandra MacDonnell, Parent Member

Angie Sheldon, Parent Association Co-Treasurer

Jiin Wen, Parent Association Director-At-Large


SLT Meeting Minutes


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